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1. What is H. A. Shah?

We provide you with chemical analysis, life sciences and forensic science solutions. H. A. Shah is a Pakistani origin company which sells laboratory equipment and products manufactured by world renowned companies.

2. What do you people sell?

We sell laboratory equipment; HPLC columns, micropipettes, GC columns and many more.

3. Where are you located?

Our head office is located in Islamabad, Blue Area.

4. How can I contact you?

You can call us at our numbers or can visit us at our office. You can also Mail us.

5. What are your different subsidiaries?

We have three subsidiaries; H. A. Shah & Sons, Chrom Wolrd and Eco Biosciences.

6. How to make an order?

Customer calls on our numbers and place an enquiry. Then the Business process center sends a quotation to the customer. Once the quotation is being approved then customer issues a purchase order so that our Supply Chain department makes sure customer’s order gets delivered on time.

7. When do we receive our orders?

For orders which are already in the stock we deliver them in a day or two else the order is being delivered within 4-6 weeks.

8. Does someone technically literate come over for the installation of complex equipment?

Yes! Our well qualified engineers visit you over for the installation of the equipment.

9. Do we get training after the installation as well?

Yes! Our engineers make sure you get sufficient training regarding the installed equipment to use it with ease later on.

10. If after installing a product an error occurs, do you provide services?

Yes! We do provide services within the warranty time period. If any error or fault occurs we make sure to entertain our customers in the best possible way.

11. Who tackles all the complaints?

Our services department tackles all the complaints of the customers facing a problem.

12. How do we get to know our complaints get registered?

Our fast and diligent service team sends you an acknowledgement as soon as they receive the complaint. Once the acknowledgement sent, our team start working on your complain.

3. How long does it take to resolve the complain?

It varies. Usually our engineers strive hard to resolve your complain within 24 hours.

14. Do you deliver products at door step?

Yes, we do deliver products at door step. Once the consignment is being received by the customer our engineers visit the customer for the product’s installation.

15. Do you have a warranty time period?

Yes! We do have a warranty time period. It is different for different products.

16. How long is the warranty normally?

Normally, the warranty lasts for 12 months after installation and 14 months after the shipment. It varies from product to product though.

17. Are your engineer’s well qualified and trained?

Yes! All our engineers are well qualified and foreign trained and exactly know their jobs.

18. Where do your engineers get trained from?

All our Engineers are foreign qualified and they have been trained not just once or twice but have done numerous trainings from reputed organizations to ensure your satisfaction.

19. Do you offer foreign trainings?

Yes, we do offer foreign trainings. There are two categories of these trainings for the customers. One, when we send the customer for the training. Second, when the customer themselves want to go for the training which is being coordinated by our principals.

20. Are these foreign trainings free of cost?

Not that all of the trainings are free of cost. Few of the trainings that we offer to our very loyal and dedicated customer base is being offered when they make a very huge order where our engineers think that the customer needs to be properly trained to understand the functionality of the instrumentation. So the customer is being sent for foreign training to Middle East or Far East by the company. On the other hand our Principals offer foreign trainings to our clientele as well but these trainings are not free of cost and the customer has to bear the complete expense of the training.