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H. A. Shah Worldwide




We have our committed team of H. A. Shah & Sons, Chrom World Bangladesh, Eco Biosciences working in our headquarters. Our sedulous team of engineers works in headquarters to provide you with unflinching services.



H. A. Shah & Sons and Eco Biosciences operate under the same roof in the lively city of Lahore, Chrom World is dedicated to Forensics and Crime Scene Investigation, also operates in Lahore to provide you with expert forensic solutions. Dedicated and trained engineers work to let the customer’s attain sheer satisfaction.Our sales team in Lahore is best known for their professional and assiduous nature of dealing.



In Karachi, H. A. Shah & Sons, Eco Biosciences, and Chrom World's employees and engineers let no stone unturned to assure the provision of world class products and services to you. Sales team in Karachi is a perfect amalgam of professionalism and hard work. But don't take our word for it, experience it yourself!



H. A. Shah & Sons operate in Peshawar as well with the same old, yet invigorating, promise of delivering you quality itself.



Our Dhaka office is dedicated for Chrom World Bangladesh. Our engineers and team of adroit resources know their work and your demands too. We have an extensive install base in Dhaka region. High end instruments are being installed on regular intervals explicitly picturizing our clientele's satisfaction towards our work and services.



We have a warehouse in Sharjah, a world renowned training laboratory, and also a crime scene laboratory, operating with the sole purpose of ensuring the deliverance of world class products.